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"How I Turn Walls into Timeless Memories: A Personal Journey"

It was 2020 when I first got booked for a mural painting project here in Malaysia. my very first wall painting on a resident-landed home. 

After unveiling the final artwork online, it was like I hit the artistic jackpot. Suddenly, my once "ordinary artist" status took a celestial leap. The floodgates of opportunity swung wide open, and before I knew it, my schedule was starting to get peppered with bookings. It was then, in that kaleidoscopic whirlwind, that I realized I was destined to be more than what I am– I was becoming my very own mural maestro.

Now, let me be real with you: diving into mural painting was a bit like stepping into uncharted territory. Painting walls? Cement surfaces? No prior experience here! The nerves were real at the beginning. But thanks to platforms like YouTube, where I get to see how the other amazing artist pros create their work, I hit the books, scrolled through awe-inspiring graffiti and street art, and jotted down tips from all of them. Armed with knowledge and determination, I embraced the challenge.

And oh, what a ride it's been! That first stroke on a wall marked the birth of a passion – one that's brought endless satisfaction, fun, and memories. It's like they say: "Everybody starts somewhere," and I somewhere quickly turned into a whirlwind of vibrant expressions on walls across KL city.

Fast forward three years and the count stands at 20 conquered walls and counting. Each mural tells a story of growth, joy, and pure artistic delight. The journey isn't just about painting; it's a celebration of passion, joy, and the thrill of turning blank walls into living canvases.

So here's to the adventure, the nerves that morph into excitement, and the endless joy found in splashing color across city walls. Cheers to the journey, the passion, and the countless walls yet to be transformed into vibrant masterpieces! I'm thrilled to keep sharing more creations with you all. Stay tuned and join in the excitement with me as I drop some of the best tips and experiences I've gained from doing murals for the past few years!  ✨

Zee Tan

Fashion Designer, Artist, Dreamer, Creator of Worlds

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