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Z-Wang Studio, a brand all about fashion art by Zee Tan. With the extreme interest with art since young, Zee has been drawing and painting since a very young age. Thereafter, discovered fashion when he saw è runway show on the television back when he was 8, and eventually fell in love with both fashion and art. With the immense interest with nature, Zee is always intrigued by his surroundings, especially the psychotropical side of nature. With the strong beliefs of finding perfections in any imperfections, Zee stands his grounds in creating designs that tell his stories and wants anyone to realise that what thought to be "not beautiful" could actually be really beautiful.​

Zee's work is deeply instilled in nature. Its mystery, chaos and mystery are what the designers drew inspirations from. Elements of nature such as flowers growing, blooming, textures and also the weather phenomenal, often inspires the shapes and form of Zee's designs.

A fascination for art, drawing and painting has been with the designer from the beginning . Echoed in his creative process, Zee wish to embed both fashion and art into creating his expressions of self, culture and community that reflects the times and fabric of society.

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